For Sale By Owner

Many people have noticed signs on lawns indicating that a house is For Sale By Owner (FSBO). At Grassette & Associates, our real estate attorneys assist clients in handling the legal issues in FSBO situations that might otherwise force them to hire a realtor. Anyone who sells a house may put up an FSBO sign. Helping people buy or sell a home without the need for a realtor allows them to save money by avoiding the commissions and fees that realtors charge. In addition, many situations involving residential real estate call for the assistance of a lawyer. Grassette & Associates provides the help that is needed while saving clients money.

Our real estate attorneys can look over the purchase or sales agreement, handle the closing, negotiate terms of the agreement, assist with the required disclosures to limit your liability, and review offers and contracts, recommending any changes necessary. Home purchasing and sales can be full of legal pitfalls.

Contact Grassette & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced real estate attorney. We can help you make your For Sale By Owner endeavor a success.