At Grassette & Associates, we know that in order to provide well-rounded and all- inclusive services to our clients that it is important to not only address our clients’ personal needs, but also to address and care for their businesses and entrepreneurial ambitions. It is with this acknowledgement in mind that we seek to assist our small business clients with guidance and support throughout the process of exploring business entity formation options, structuring the growth or expansion of an existing venture, or seeking guidance regarding everyday business operations. The attorneys at Grassette & Associates provide our business and corporate clients with the same level of detail and personal attention which continues to set us apart in representation of our clients in their personal or family matters. Our attorneys are experienced in developing creative outside-of-the-box legal solutions for our business clients of all shapes and sizes.

In order to serve our clients, Grassette & Associates offers the following Small Business and Corporate Law Services:

  • Business Formation and Organization
  • Corporate Reorganization including Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Corporate Dissolution
  • Corporate Filings and Elections
  • Contract Review, Negotiation, and Preparation
  • Negotiation and Resolution of Contract Disputes